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for all costs associated with the filing of the annexation ordinance and the preparation of the legal <br />description and a map prepared in a draftsmanlike manner that designates the boundaries of annexed <br />property to be recorded with the county recorder pursuant to state law. <br /> <br />11-1-5 CONCURRENT ZONING CLASSIFICATION. <br /> <br />The City shall concurrently with the application for annexation consider an application for a zoning <br />classification consistent with the requirements (including notice provisions) and standards of the Official <br />City Code of the City of Ammon. The City shall not consider any other application by the applicant on <br />the subject property under the City’s ordinances unless and until the application for annexation has <br />been approved and an annexation ordinance has been adopted and published in accordance with state <br />law. <br /> <br />11-1-6 SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ANNEXATIONS GREATER THAN TEN (10) ACRES. <br /> <br />For annexations involving more than ten (10) or more acres of real property, the application shall <br />include the following: <br /> <br />A. Application fees established by resolution. <br />B. A statement of the size of the property in square footage and acres. <br />C. A description of the proposed project, including the approximate: <br />1. Number and size of proposed lots <br />2. Length and location of the proposed water and sewer mains <br />3. Length and location of proposed streets and alleys <br />4. Length and location of the proposed sidewalks. <br />5. Acreage and location of any parks, trails, and/or open spaces. <br />D. A schematic design of the entire project showing the proposed uses, density, streets, alleys, <br />easements, and proposed size and location of open spaces and parks. <br />E. A statement describing how the proposed project complies with specific goals and policies of <br />the Ammon Comprehensive Plan. <br />F. A statement describing how the proposed project is compatible with adjacent neighborhoods <br />within the City of Ammon. <br />G. A statement describing how the applicable natural resources (e.g., water courses, springs, <br />streams, wildlife, wildlife migration corridors, and access to public lands) and natural hazards <br />(e.g., avalanche, floodplains and floodways) are incorporated into proposed project and/or <br />mitigated. <br />H. A statement describing what contributions and/or dedications the applicant is willing to make as <br />part of the proposed annexation. <br />I. A detailed description of how the annexation will impact the existing municipal infrastructure <br />and services (e.g., water, sewer, streets, library, police, fire, schools, and parks). <br />J. A statement of who will maintain the streets, alleys, parks and utilities (privately and publicly <br />owned utilities) and how the maintenance of the streets, alleys, parks and utilities (privately and <br />publicly owned utilities) will be funded. <br />K. A phasing plan showing the proposed dates of construction and completion of phased <br />construction for infrastructure, streets, alleys, utilities and all other development. <br />L. Unless not applicable, within the sole discretion of the City, the following studies shall be <br />submitted if requested by the Administrator, City Engineer, Planning and Zoning Commission, or <br />the City Council. If these requirements are waived during the application process, they shall be <br />Updated 10.2020 <br /> <br />