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<br />CHAPTER 1 <br /> <br />ANNEXATION PROCEDURES <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />11-1-1: Title <br />11-1-2: Purpose <br />11-1-3: Applicability <br />11-1-4: Application Process and Fees <br />11-1-5: Concurrent Zoning Classification <br />11-1-6: Submittal Requirements for Annexations Greater Than Ten (10) Acres <br />11-1-7: Submittal Requirements for Annexations Less Than Ten (10) Acres <br />11-1-8: Certification and Review <br />11-1-9: Notice <br />11-1-10: Commission Review <br />11-1-11: Council Review <br /> <br /> <br />11-1-1 TITLE. <br /> <br />This title of the Ammon Code shall be and may be known as “The Annexation Ordinance of Ammon, <br />Idaho,” and may be so cited and pleaded. <br /> <br />11-1-2 PURPOSE. <br /> <br />The City of Ammon finds that the establishment of annexation procedures will promote uniformity and <br />certainty in annexation applications and that the establishment of annexation procedures will promote <br />public health, safety and general welfare. This ordinance is intended to encourage collaboration between <br />property owners and city officials when considering any application for an annexation request in order to <br />arrive at the most sustainable outcome for the community. The annexation process, as described and <br />required by this ordinance, is collaborative. <br /> <br />11-1-3 APPLICABILITY. <br /> <br />Any request for an annexation shall be controlled by the provisions of this Title. To the extent the <br />procedures of this Title conflict with the procedures of Idaho Code §50-222 and other applicable state <br />statutes, the provisions of state law shall control. If the annexation is initiated by any taxing district, <br />including the City of Ammon, the provisions of this Chapter shall not govern. <br /> <br />11-1-4 APPLICATION PROCESS AND FEES. <br /> <br />An application for an annexation of real property into the City of Ammon shall be filed with the Ammon <br />Planning and Zoning Administrator (“Administrator”) by the owner of the real property or by at least <br />one holder of an interest in real property for which the annexation is proposed. The applicant shall pay <br />the non-refundable application fee for the proposed annexation, as established by resolution of the City <br />Council, at the time of the filing of the annexation application. In the event an application for <br />annexation is approved and an annexation ordinance is adopted, the applicant will be required to pay <br />Updated 10.2020 <br /> <br />