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<br />CHAPTER 5 <br /> <br />RECREATION DEPARTMENT <br /> <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />3-5-1: Established <br />3-5-2: Duties <br /> <br /> <br />3-5-1: <br /> ESTABLISHED: There is hereby established a Recreation Department. <br />The Mayor shall, subject to the confirmation of the Council, appoint a Recreation <br />Director who shall have supervision and control of the recreational facilities of the City. <br />The Recreation Director may be combined with another appointive office of the City with <br />the appointment by the Mayor subject to confirmation by at least one half plus one of the <br />membership of the full Council. The compensation for such duties shall be set by the <br />Council. <br /> <br /> <br />3-5-2: <br /> DUTIES: The Director shall have the following duties: <br /> <br />(A) To formulate and recommend to the Mayor and the Council policies and <br />procedures in connection with the management, operation, and control of the <br />City playgrounds, swimming pools, community centers, camps, theaters, <br />gymnasiums, museums, and athletic fields, and activities connected therewith. <br />The director will administer such policies and procedures when approved by the <br />Mayor and Council and may employ personnel as required and approved by the <br />Mayor and Council, and utilize other employees of the City for such services <br />where available to conduct the activities required. <br /> <br />(B) To recommend to the Mayor and Council, as directed, a schedule of fees and <br />rates to be charges for the services of the department. <br /> <br />To perform such other duties as may be required by the Mayor and Council. <br />