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<br />CHAPTER 6 <br /> <br />MOVING OF BUILDINGS <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />10-6-1: Moving of Buildings <br /> <br /> <br />10-6-1: <br /> MOVING OF BUILDINGS: No permit shall be issued for the moving of any <br />residential, commercial or industrial building without first filing an application with the Building and <br />Zoning Departments. <br /> <br />(A) Application for Moving a Building Required: <br /> <br />1. To a Site Within the City: The following information shall be included as part of the <br />initial application: <br /> <br />a. Location and address of the old and new site. <br />b. Plot plan of the new location, also showing adjacent lots on all sides of the <br />property and indicating all structures and improvements on said lots. <br />c. Plans and specifications for the proposed improvements at the new <br />location. <br />d. For commercial buildings a site plan must be submitted as required by <br />Title 10 of the City Code. <br />2. From a site within the City to a site outside the City: Any building being moved <br />from a site in the City to a site outside the City shall first apply with the Building <br />and Zoning Departments for the appropriate reviews and required permits. Said <br />review shall include but not be limited to notification of all required utility <br />companies as required in section 10-6-1-(F) of this chapter. Additional review <br />may be required as deemed necessary by the Building Official or the Planning <br />Director. <br /> <br />(B) Departments Review of Application: Before approval of a permit to move a building to a <br />location within the city the following items must be considered: <br /> <br />1. Certification of the Fire Marshall that the structure is in compliance with all <br />requirements of the fire code as adopted by the City of Ammon. <br />2. Certification of the Building Official that the structure is sound enough to be <br />moved and that the building will conform to the building code as adopted by the <br />City of Ammon. <br />3. Certification of the Zoning Administrator that the building and lot will conform to <br />the current zoning codes of the City of Ammon. <br />4. That the building is in conformity with the type and quality of buildings existing in <br />the area into which it is proposed to be moved. <br />5. That its location on the lot does not in any substantial way adversely affect <br />buildings or uses on abutting properties. <br />6. That all dedications and improvements, as required by the City for streets and <br />facilities and buildings, shall be provided in conformity with the standards of the <br />City. <br /> <br />C) Standards Required Before Occupancy. Prior to occupancy, the building shall be brought <br />up to all requirements of occupancy meeting the standards of the building code for a new <br />Page 1 of 2 MOVING OF BUILDINGS REVISED 7-2-09 <br /> <br /> <br />