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<br /> <br />CHAPTER 8 <br /> <br />ENFORCEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />10-8-1: Office of Zoning Administrator Established <br />10-8-2: Application and Plans Required <br />10-8-3: Building Permits Required <br />10-8-4: Power and Duties of the Enforcing Officers <br />10-8-5: Permits to Comply with Ordinance <br />10-8-6: Certificate of Occupancy <br />10-8-7: Construction and Use to be Stated in Applications, Plans, Permits <br />and Certificates of Occupancy <br />10-8-8: Notice to Correct <br />10-8-9: Failure to Maintain Landscaping, Continuing Obligation <br /> <br /> <br />10-8-1: <br /> OFFICE OF ZONING ADMINISTRATOR ESTABLISHED: There is hereby <br />established in Ammon, Idaho, the office of Zoning Administrator, which shall be under the <br />jurisdiction of the City Council of Ammon, Idaho. The administrators in the office of Zoning <br />Administration may, with the approval of the council, be combined with another appointive office or <br />offices of the City. The City Council shall, from time to time, by resolution, establish the duties of <br />the various appointed administrators in the office of Zoning Administration and designate the duties <br />and functions to be performed by each such appointee. For the purposes of this ordinance, when <br />the term Zoning Administrator is used, it shall refer to that person who has been appointed by the <br />City Council to perform such administration duties and functions to which the particular section of <br />the ordinance is referring. <br /> <br /> <br />10-8-2: <br /> APPLICATION AND PLANS REQUIRED: Any person, firm or corporation desiring to <br />construct a building in Ammon, Idaho or to do any construction or installation of any nature upon <br />any property within the City, excluding therefrom structures or installations appurtenant to private <br />residences such as patios, driveways, parking pads, and similar installations, shall apply to the <br />Building Department which shall forward to the Zoning Administrator the necessary documentation <br />for zoning approval. All applications for building permits shall be accompanied by a plot plan <br />showing the size and location of the existing building and buildings to be erected or structures or <br />improvements to be constructed. The plot plan shall also show the zone in which a lot or parcel of <br />land is located. All plot plans shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator electronically prior to <br />the approval of any request for a building permit. <br /> <br /> <br />10-8-3: <br /> BUILDING PERMITS REQUIRED: It shall be unlawful to erect, construct, move or <br />structurally alter any building or structure, or any part thereof, or to do any construction or <br />installation of any nature upon any property within the City excluding structures and installations <br />appurtenant to private residences such as patios, driveways, parking pads, and similar installations, <br /> until after a written permit therefore has been issued by the Building Department acting for and on <br /> <br />Page 1 of 3 ADOPTED 6-27-13 <br /> <br /> <br />