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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />CHAPTER 10 <br /> <br /> <br />PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION <br />SECTION: <br />10-10-1: Appointment <br />10-10-2: Powers and Duties of Planning and Zoning Commission <br />10-10-3: Submission of Building and Zoning Matters to Planning Commission <br /> <br />10-10-1 <br /> : APPOINTMENT: A Planning and Zoning Commission shall be appointed as provided in <br />Chapter 65 of Title 67 of the Idaho Code and as provided in Chapter 2 of Title 1 of the codified <br />ordinances of the City of Ammon. <br />10-10-2 <br />: POWERS AND DUTIES OF PLANNING COMMISSION: The Planning and Zoning <br />Commission shall have the powers and duties as provided in Chapter 65 of Title 67 of the Idaho Code <br />and as provided in Chapter 2 of Title 2 of the codified ordinances of the City of Ammon. <br />It shall be the duty of the Planning Commission to make reports and recommendations to the City, the <br />Zoning Administrator and the Board of Adjustment created under this title with respect to the issuance of <br />building permits, conditional use permits, variances, alleged violations of the zoning ordinance and map <br />and amendments pertaining thereto. <br />Also, it shall submit plans to the Council respecting the long-range, comprehensive plan for the orderly <br />physical development of the City. The Commission may make suggestions for such changes as the <br />Commission feels to be desirable in the zoning regulations and shall study and make recommendations <br />for the laying out, widening, extending and locating of streets, roads and highways for the relief of traffic, <br />the future development, growth and beautification of the City in respect to its public buildings, streets, <br />parks, grounds and lands, in order to promote the public health, morals, safety and welfare of the <br />inhabitants thereof. <br /> <br />10-10-3 <br />: SUBMISSION OF BUILDING AND ZONING MATTERS TO COMMISSION: The <br />Zoning Administrator and the City shall submit all applications for conditional use permits, request for <br />variances, and proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance to the Planning and Zoning Commission <br />prior to acting thereupon. <br /> <br />Page 1 of 4 Revised 12-19-13 <br /> <br />