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<br />CHAPTER 7 <br /> <br />OTHER VEHICLES <br /> <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />9-7-1: Definitions <br />9-7-2: Pedestrian Right of Way <br />9-7-3: Unlawful to Ride Bicycle on Sidewalk <br />9-7-4: Unlawful to Ride Motorcycle on Sidewalk <br />9-7-5: Snowmobiles <br />9-7-6: Provisions for Skateboards <br />9-7-7: Violations <br />9-7-8: Penalty <br /> <br /> <br />9-7-1: DEFINITIONS: The following terms whenever used in this chapter shall <br />have the meaning ascribed below: <br /> <br />BICYCLE: Every vehicle propelled exclusively by human power <br />upon which a person or persons may ride having two <br />tandem wheels, and except scooters and similar devices. <br /> <br />Every motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use <br />MOTORCYCLE: <br />of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three <br />(3) wheels in contact with the ground, but excluding a <br />tractor. <br /> <br />Every motorcycle, motor scooter, or motorized bicycle <br />MOTOR-DRIVEN CYCLE: <br />having an engine with less than 150 cubic centimeters <br />displacement or with 5-brake horsepower or less. <br /> <br />SKATEBOARD: Every board or substance of any material with wheels <br />affixed to the underside designed to be ridden by a <br />person. For the purpose of this ordinance, the term <br />skateboard will include scooter, coaster, roller skates, or <br />roller blades. <br /> <br />Any vehicle propelled on skids, skis, tracks, or belts and <br />SNOWMOBILE: <br />propelled by motor power designed to be used upon <br />snow or ice. <br /> <br />TOY VEHICLE: Any skates, roller blades, sleds, coasters, wagons, or <br />other means by which a person is propelled on wheels, <br />skids, or slides by his own power. <br /> <br />EXCLUSIONS: Specifically excluded from the definitions herein are <br />wheelchairs, conveyances for the physically <br />handicapped and disabled, and juvenile toys of tricycles, <br />peddle cars, and push cars. <br />Title 9, Chapter 7 Page 1 of 2 Revised 7-12-2018 <br /> <br /> <br />