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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />TITLE 10 <br /> <br />PLANNING AND ZONING <br /> <br />Chapter Subject <br /> <br />1 Title, Purpose, Declaration, Intent <br />2 Definitions <br />3 Non-Conforming Buildings and Uses <br />4 Amendments <br />5 Supplementary Regulations to Zones <br />6 Moving of Buildings <br />7 Special Provisions Applying to Miscellaneous Uses <br />8 Enforcement and Administration <br />9 Board of Adjustment <br />10 Planning and Zoning Commission <br />11 Establishment of Zones <br />12 RP Residence Park Zone <br />13 RP-A Residence Zone <br />14 R-1 Residence Zone <br />14A R1-A Residence Zone <br />15 R-2 Residence Zone <br />16 R2-A Residence Zone <br />17 R-3 Residence Zone <br />18 R3-A Residence Zone <br />19 RSC-1 Residential Shopping Center Zone <br />20 C-1 Limited Business Zone <br />21 HC-1 Highway Commercial Zone <br />22 CC-1 Central Commercial Zone <br />23 GC-1 General Commercial Zone <br />24 M-1 Manufacturing Zone <br />25 I&M-1 Industrial and Manufacturing Zone <br />26 I&M-2 Industrial and Manufacturing Zone <br />27 Zoning Overlays <br />28 Interpretation, Applicability, Severability, and Penalty <br />29 Subdivision Regulations <br />30 RMH Residential Mobile Home Zone <br />31 Professional Business Office zone <br />32 Communication Towers and Antennas <br />33 RE Residential Estate Zone <br />34 Sign Code <br />35 Multi-Use Zone <br />36 LC Light Commercial Zone <br />37 District Use Matrix <br /> <br /> <br />1 <br />