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<br /> <br />CHAPTER 2 <br /> <br />DEFINITIONS <br /> <br /> SECTION: <br /> <br /> 10-2-1: Definitions <br /> <br />10-2-1: DEFINITIONS: For the purpose of this ordinance, certain words and terms are defined <br />as follows: words in the present tense include the future and the future includes the present; <br />the singular number includes the plural and the plural the singular; the word lot includes the <br />word plot, tract, or parcel of land as the sense may require it; the term erected means <br />constructed, altered, moved, or repaired; words shall and must are always mandatory. <br /> <br /> For the purpose of this plan, the following definitions will be used: <br /> <br />Accessory building: A subordinate building, the use of which is incidental to that of the main <br />building. <br /> <br />Accessory use: An activity or structure that is incidental or secondary to the principal use on <br />the same lot. <br /> <br />Acre: 43,560 square feet. <br /> <br />Adult Business: Any business promoting or selling sexually oriented products, these <br />businesses would not allow admission of minors. These businesses cannot be located within <br />twenty-five hundred (2500) feet of any religious institution, school, public park or building or <br />residentially zoned property. <br /> <br />Administrative Record: The record of whatever is formally presented to an appellate body; this <br />material can be used as the case moves up through the system. For example, in a zoning case, <br />the things said and exhibits presented at the zoning hearing become the administrative record <br />and may be used if the case goes on to a city council or court. <br /> <br />Aesthetic Zoning: Aesthetic zoning is designed to create, preserve and promote beauty or a <br />particular architectural theme. Like all zoning, whether aesthetic or otherwise, it promotes <br />community interest and is based on the principle that the public welfare outweighs the interests <br />of the individual property owner. Justification for aesthetic zoning is to be found within the broad <br />confines of general welfare. In the past, the courts were reluctant to recognize aesthetics as a <br />main reason without joining it with other reasons such as property values. <br /> <br />Agriculture: Agriculture shall mean the growing of soil crops in the customary manner in the <br />open. It shall not include livestock raising activities; nor shall it include retailing of goods on the <br />premises. <br /> <br />Agriculture, Commercial: any agricultural land being used as a farm, greenhouse, nursery, <br />sod farm, tree farm, orchard, vineyard or similar use for commercial purposes. <br /> <br />Agriculture, Urban: The production of vegetables, fruits, honey, and eggs by residents for <br />Page 1 of 21 DEFINITIONS REVISED 01-28-2020 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />