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<br />CHAPTER 11 <br /> <br />ESTABLISHMENT OF ZONES <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />10-11-1: City Divided Into Zones <br />10-11-2: Map--A Part of Ordinance <br />10-11-3: Application of Zone Regulations <br />10-11-4: Repealed ( <br /> <br /> <br />10-11-1: CITY DIVIDED INTO ZONES: In order to accomplish more fully the objectives and <br />purposes of this ordinance, the City of Ammon, Idaho, is hereby divided into zones which shall be <br />known by symbols and names as follows: <br /> <br /> RP RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> RP-A RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> R-1 RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> R1-A RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> R-2 RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> R2-A RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> R-3 RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> R3-A RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> RMH RESIDENTIAL MOBILE HOME ZONE <br /> C-1 LIMITED BUSINESS ZONE <br /> HC-1 LIMITED BUSINESS ZONE <br /> CC-1 CENTRAL COMMERCIAL ZONE <br /> GC-1 GENERAL COMMERCIAL ZONE <br /> M-1 MANUFACTURING ZONE <br /> I&M-1 INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING ZONE <br /> I&M-2 INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING ZONE <br /> O-L OVERLAY ZONE <br /> PB PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ZONE <br /> RE RESIDENCE ESTATE <br /> <br />(A) Residential Zones. The following comprise the City's residential zones: RP, RP-A, R-1, R1- <br />A, R-2, R2-A, R-3, R3-A, RMH, AND RE. <br /> <br />(B) Commercial Zones. The following comprise the City's commercial zones: C-1, HC-1, CC-1 <br />GC-1, AND PB. <br /> <br />(C) Manufacturing Zones. The following comprises the City's manufacturing zones: M-1. <br /> <br />(D) Industrial Zones. The following comprise the City's industrial zones: I&M-1, I&M-2. <br /> <br /> <br />10-11-2: MAP--A PART OF ORDINANCE: The location and boundaries of each of the zones <br />are shown on the Official Zone Map of Ammon, Idaho, and said map, with all notations, references <br /> <br />Page 1 of 3 REVISED 6-27-13 <br /> <br />