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<br /> <br />CHAPTER 17 <br /> <br />R-3 RESIDENCE ZONE <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />10-17-1: General Objectives and Characteristics of Zone <br />10-17-2: Use Requirements <br />10-17-3: Area Requirements <br />10-17-4: Width Requirements <br />10-17-5: Location of Buildings and Structures <br />10-17-6: Height Requirements <br />10-17-7: Size of Buildings <br />10-17-8: Lot Coverage <br />10-17-9: Special Provisions Regarding Single-Family Attached Townhouse Dwellings <br />10-17-10: Vehicular Access <br />10-17-11: Special Provisions Applying To R-3 Zone <br /> <br /> <br />10-17-1: GENERAL OBJECTIVES AND CHARACTERISTICS OF ZONE: The objective in <br />establishing the R-3 Residence Zone is to designate appropriate areas within the City for rental <br />dwelling units, multiple family dwellings and similar buildings where living accommodations for <br />groups may be located. This zone is characterized by a variety of dwelling types having widely <br />varying forms and shapes, with somewhat denser residential environment. In general, this zone is <br />situated where the need for rental units is greatest, along major streets and on the borders of <br />neighborhoods. <br /> <br />In order to accomplish the objectives and purposes of this ordinance and to promote the essential <br />characteristics of this zone, the following regulations shall apply in the R-3 Residence Zone (see also <br />10-5 Supplementary Regulations to Zone, 10-7 Special Provisions Applying to Miscellaneous <br />Uses,10-29 Subdivision Regulations, and 10-37 District Use Matrix). This zone falls under the high <br />density designation, no more than sixteen (16.0) dwelling units shall be permitted per acre. <br /> <br /> <br />10-17-2: USE REQUIREMENTS: The following uses shall be permitted in the R-3 Residence <br />Zone: <br /> <br />(A) Incidental retailing of goods and services, such as newspapers, magazines, minimal food <br />items, grooming items, and the like, for the convenience of people who live in apartment <br />buildings, assisted living centers and convalescent homes; provided the facilities therefor <br />shall be located within the main building, and provided that no sign or display shall be used <br />advertising the retail services offered within the building which can be seen from a public <br />street. Provided further, that the floor area devoted to the retailing of goods and services <br />shall not exceed ten (10) square feet for each dwelling unit contained within the main <br />building. <br /> <br /> <br />Page 1 of 5 Revised 01-28-2020 <br /> <br />