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<br />CHAPTER 4 <br /> <br />AMENDMENTS <br /> <br /> <br />SECTION: <br /> <br />10-4-1: Ordinance and Map May Be Amended <br />10-4-2: Petition to Planning Commission <br />10-4-3: Amendments to be in Harmony with Land Use Plan <br />10-4-4: Public Hearing Notice <br />10-4-5: Reconsideration <br /> <br />10-4-1: ORDINANCE AND MAP MAY BE AMENDED: This zoning ordinance, including <br />the map, may be amended, supplemented, changed or modified from time to time, consistent with <br />Idaho Code Title 67, Chapter 65. <br /> <br />The official zoning map of the City shall be amended after any re-zone, annexation or other <br />change to this title that may affect the official zoning map. It shall be the policy of the City to <br />display and have available the most up to date zoning map as possible. Any change to the official <br />zoning map shall be considered adopted after any ordinance effecting this Title as it relates to the <br />official zoning map of the City has been published. <br /> <br />10-4-2: APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT: Persons seeking an amendment of the <br />zoning ordinance or map shall submit an application to the Administrator designating the change <br />desired, the reasons therefor and wherein the proposed amendment would further promote the <br />objectives and purposes of the zoning ordinance, together with such fee as may be established <br />by the City Council. Upon the receipt of the application, the Planning Commission shall consider <br />the request. The Planning Commission shall call a public hearing upon such matters as are <br />required to be heard by the Planning Commission under law and may call a public hearing on <br />other matters, in the commission's discretion before submitting its recommendations to the City <br />Council. The Planning Commission may also recommend amendments to the ordinance and <br />map to the City Council on its own initiative. <br /> <br />10-4-3: AMENDMENTS BASED ON PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF THE <br />COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Before recommending an amendment to the ordinance, it must be <br />shown that such amendment is founded upon sound reason and practical application of the <br />Comprehensive Plan adopted by the City Council <br /> <br />10-4-4: PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE: Applications for amending the zoning ordinance and <br />zoning map shall comply with public hearing and notice requirements of Idaho Code Title 67, <br />Chapter 65. <br /> <br />10-4-5: RECONSIDERATION: Any applicant or aggrieved party shall exhaust all <br />administrative remedies, including but not limited to Idaho Code §67-6535, following a final <br />decision from the City Council. <br />Page 1 of 1 Revised 11-19-2020 <br />